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Dear the URAYASU

Fish Market

A Photo book

Produced by Committe of "the URAYASU Fish Market photo book"

169 page | Japan | color | B5 | 2019

Photos by Tatsuhito Utagawa, Makoto Imai, Harutaka Nodera

Design: Kei Ichikawa | Main visual: Shigeo Okada

Director: Tatsuhito Utagawa

Special Thanks: The URAYASU Fish Market


The URAYASU Fish Market, which had been loved by numerous citizens more than for 65 years, was closed down in March in 2019. Although Urayasu-city had been famous for a fishermen's town, people have forgotten about it because the Tokyo Disney Land has been built in Urayasu-shi and nobody does not work as a fisherman in Urayasu anymore due to water pollutions and renouncing fishing rights.

One of this project's aims is to preserve citizen's memories as significant history through making a photo book collaborating with fish vendors and citizens.

This photo book also attempts to remind us how our cities, Tokyo and Urayasu, have been formed as a modern city above various sacrifices.


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