based in Japan

The Sculpture of

Place & Time

A Short Documentary Film

2020 | 07:54 | Black & White | Japan & Cambodia | Stereo

Director & Cinematographer & Editor & Producer: Tatsuhito UTAGAWA

Sound: Yuya SHITO | Khmer Interpreter: Sa Ravuth

Cast & English subtitle & Music: Prumsodun Ok

Special Thanks: The dance company “Prumsodun Ok & NATYARASA”, Kumiko Yamamoto, Festival/Tokyo


A dancer is dancing in front of the mirror. He moves dynamically, but the camera remains stationary. The fixed frame keeps capturing time and place as lived by the dancer, so cinema can film even what lies out of the frame and goes beyond it. A prayer is heard from nowhere and the storm sets in.

The Sculpture of time and place is an experimental film that preserves spacetime as experienced by Prumsodun Ok, a Cambodian-American dancer based in Phnom Penh. It confronts the question of what cinema can do for the temporality as lived by the other.


Cast: Prumsodun Ok

Born to Khmer refugees in the United States, he rose from the poverty and violence-stricken inner city of Long Beach to become the new face of Khmer dance. He uses art to heal, illuminate, and empower, reviving the spirit of his people from the enduring forces of conflict. Seen by many as a champion of Khmer culture, he works as an artist, teacher, and writer to shape a world where everyone can blossom into their fullest selves.


The dance company “Prumsodun Ok & NATYARASA”

“Prumsodun Ok & NATYARASA” is Cambodia’s first gay dance company. They re-stage Khmer classical dances with a vital freshness and create original, groundbreaking works at the intersection of art and human dignity. As they infuse our tradition with a contemporary spirit, they elevate the quality of life and expression for LGBTQ people in Cambodia and beyond.

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